Waterproof Wander Tag Released

Accutech Releases Waterproof Tag

Unified Alerts is proud to be a partner with Accutech who is dedicated to take wander management solution to the next level by ensuring that the wander tags are the easiest to both wear and manage, and with that in mind we’re excited to announce they have released a completely waterproof tag for residents.

With the new waterproof tag you can:

  • Spend more time caring for patients, and less time worrying about keeping security tags dry
  • Let patients go about their day-to-day lives and rest assured that security won’t be compromised due to condensation issues
  • Save money and resources spent on repairing or replacing tags that are damaged by water issues

Your residents are your focus, and while safety is a priority you also want to make sure they have freedoms and comforts. It’s easy to take every day activities for granted, but for your residents these little things mean the most.  Something that sounds simple, like taking a bath, isn’t as simple for a resident who needs safety monitoring and with a sophisticated security band on their wrist condensation can be a real concern within the tag, and a wet or damaged tag can mean compromised safety as well as unnecessary expenditures.

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