Redstone Highlands Resident Phone System

Redstone Highlands, Pittsburgh, PA

Customer Requirements 

Improve the phone system and service on two levels: on the corporate level, to obtain a more flexible system with timely support and lower annual support fees; and on the healthcare level, to provide more timely and less costly phone service for the families and residents.


Corporate facilities: Redstone was able to keep the existing Polycom phones (over 150) and existing functionality. The addition of the Xorcom system allows for SIP trunking, additional users at zero cost, and significantly lowers annual maintenance fees. All sites are connected using IAX2 for extension-to-extension dialing and multi-site use of available trunks.

Healthcare facilities: Redstone is now able to provide phone service to new residents within 48 hours, as opposed to the previous standard of two weeks!

Additionally, the cost savings to the residents is substantial, and the revenue benefit to Redstone allows for the system to in essence pay for itself in a short period of time.

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