Preston Pointe Selects Wireless Nurse Call

Preston Pointe is an independent living community with 168 apartments that includes fine dining, resident
fitness center, theatre, billiards and entertainment room as well as an onsite home health care program for residents.

Existing System

No longer supported and replacement parts were hard to locate
For residents: Current pendant system only worked with-in the apartment leaving residents without the ability to request assistance when not in their apartment.

Customer Requirements
The customer wanted to provide residents with mobile pendants that would work anywhere on the grounds and in the building, alert staff if there were water overflows in the resident bathrooms, alert staff if the stoves were left on and alert staff if a smoke detector went off.

Preston Pointe also wanted an easy to use system that would allow them to have alerts sent to the onsite home health care provide when a resident was in their care and to be able to pull full reports on all alerts and have them automated to send to staff each day.

  • Results
    Preston Pointe staff are now alerted of
  • Water over flows in the bathrooms
  • Stoves left on
  • Smoke detection with-in a residents apartment
  • They are also now able to easily switch a resident over to the home care provider to receive the alerts and have full reporting details on all alerts.
  • Residents can now request assistance from anywhere on the grounds and with-in the building using their waterproof pendants.