Lutheran Senior Life chooses the Vblaster

Lutheran Senior Life and Unified Alerts have partnered together to provide mass communication services using the Vblaster for the Passavant campus.

Passavant is a vibrant senior living community in the historic town of Zelienople, PA on over 40 acres. In the midst of their new renovations staff realized they needed a quick and effective way to notify residents of daily outages, changes and updates.

After reviewing the functionality of the Unified Alerts Vblaster staff decided it was the right choice as an on premise mass notification solution. Being on premise allowed Unified Alerts to integrate the Vblaster with the resident and corporate phone systems eliminating any delay in calls caused by outside services and allowing for future expansion to include outside speakers, emergency stations, desk phones, over head speakers, and much more. In addition to the increased functionality it also eliminated the cost of any outgoing calls to residents and staff on the phone systems.

Today, Lutheran Senior Life can communicate with their residents via home phones, cell phones, emails, text messages and more. This has allowed them to quickly and efficiently to update residents.

In addition to the updates sent out, Lutheran Senior Life is utilizing the Vblaster info boxes to allow residents to call in and receive updates 24 hours a day on construction updates, activities, cancellations, and much more.