Do We Need Access Control

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Ideal for communities that

  • Are concerned that a lost/stolen key is an immediate security threat to residents and employees
  • Need residents, vendors, guests and employees to have different access privileges
  • Need to restrict or allow access based on time or day for residents, employees and vendors
  • Want to remotely automate the unlocking and locking of doors to assist residents
  • Want to record when employees or vendors enter or leave a residents home
  • Need immediate lockdown of doors upon a threat
  • Want their residents,  guests and employees to be more secure
  • Want to get out of the key business

Community Features

  • One Access Control Solution for Residents, Employees, and Vendors
  • Community Lockdown
  • Time and Attendance Reporting for Resident Services
  • Security Round Tracking
  • No More Wander Management Shared Codes
  • Mobile Monitoring
  • Automated Reporting
  • Single Use/Multiday codes or cards
  • Multi-Site Management
  • Visitor Management

Community Benefits

  • Audit trail – You will have a record of every opening and attempted opening of each door or area. The audit trail can be valuable in resolving resident concerns and employee issues, such as resident services and time card disputes.
  • Time/day restrictions – Do you have certain areas residents, employees and vendors should only be in at certain times and days. One example is employee or vendor access to resident homes. If services are only provided from 8am – 5pm then it makes more sense to restrict their access to those times than to give them a key that allows access at any time or day.
  • Lost or stolen keys – When keys are lost, stolen or not returned by residents, employees or vendors, it is an expensive process for a community to completely rekey each door. And it can be a security risk if the locks are not rekeyed. Access control systems allow you to easily remove access by deactivating the I.D. badge or other security credential. This can save your community time, money and prevent losses.
  • Remote access control – Many systems allow for control of all of the community door locks from one main system. With these systems, you can easily and quickly lock down your community in an emergency as well as add and remove credentials at anytime.

Ideal for

  • Resident Homes
  • Amenity Areas (Gyms, Pools)
  • Health Care Medication Rooms
  • Administration Buildings
  • Gates

Integration Options

  • Cameras
  • Time Clocks
  • Nurse Call
  • Wander Management
  • Point of Sale
  • Community Lockdown