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Resident Communicator Releases New Digital Signage

You can now utilize the Resident Communicator for all your Digital Signage needs.

You now have a simple way to increase resident access to community information and provide the information at anytime.

Keep Every Resident Informed

Keeping your residents informed will be easier than ever with the Resident Communicator digital signage. Upload pictures and videos of residents having fun in the community at events, share photos of residents having dinner or simply put dining menus up on the screens. The possibilities are endless, and you can change things as you need to instantly.

Show Current Community News and Events

Displaying news on your Resident Communicator digital signage keeps residents aware of everything going on in community.

Help Residents and Guests Navigate

Many of your residents and guests may not be familiar with the community yet. Some of them are likely to get lost. You now have the ability to create a wayfinding device that has directions to get around the facility.

The Resident Communicator comes with

100+ TEMPLATES – Resident Communicator comes with 149 landscape and portrait templates.

FULL WEB EDITOR – The cloud easy editor allows you to design and customize your own templates.
EMBEDDED MEDIA FUNCTION – Embed your YouTube Videos, Twitter, HTML Code and Menu Cards.

Responsive Digital Signage Layouts

With our Digital Signage you can optimize your layouts for every resolution to ensure that it looks great on every device you publish to. This means you can simply create one layout and optimize the content for every resolution, streamlining your digital signage content process.

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