Design and Build Assessment

The assessment will walk through a series of questions around Predesign, Design, Vendor Management and Construction.  Once submitted it will be reviewed by a Unified Alerts team member who will then contact you to help guide you through the rest of the assessment.

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Assessment Scale

 Rating Scale
0: Non-Existent. There is no strategic plan that incorporates the entire community/organization.
1:  Discovery. The community/organization has a budgetary process but is inconsistent, or a reactive approach and recognizes the need to put in place a strategic plan
2: Concept. The community/organization has an adopted conceptual approach of vision.
3: Design. The organization has documented the concepts, approach and specifications to achive conceptual goals.
4:Installation The community/organization is at the stage to implent the processeses, procedures and technology to support the design.
5: Support. The community/organization has implented the processeses, procedures and technology.
Road Map (what are the steps that need to be taken)
Pain Points/Hurdles (what stands in the way of accomplishing goals)